The more you know about the past,
the better prepared you are for the future.

(Theodore Roosevelt)


From year 7 on you have the chance to be taught History in English, if you have decided for the bilingual (CLIL) classes.

You want to know why cities have always been the engines of progress and civilization?
You want to understand why the German Revolution of 1848 failed, forcing the most educated and liberal minds in Germany to emigrate to America?
You want to know why Germany’s first unifaction (1871) was one of ‚blood and iron‘ whereas that of 1989/1990 was luckily a peaceful one?
You want to understand why the nuclear arms race, making the total destruction of our home planet possible several dozens of time, made war and killing less likely after all?

Then you are exactly the student we are looking for! Lets explore human history together!

Your History teachers



Dietrich Sandau
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