Theatre / Drama / Film

All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.

(Seán O’Casey)


You want to speak in front of an audience?
You want to express yourself in mimics, gestures and movement?
You want to slip into somebody else’s role?
You like slipping into a crazy costume?
You want to do all that using English as a means of communication?

Then you are exactly the kind of student we are looking for! We’ll have great fun together!

Your BILI-Teachers


iStudies FILM / Drama

‚iStudies FILM/Drama‘ ist das 2018 neu eingeführte künstlerische Fach im bilingualen Oberstufenprofil INTERNATIONAL STUDIES (est.2012). Ziel ist es, die politischen Leitthemen des fächerübergreifenden Profilangebots in FILM / DRAMA darstellerisch und filmisch im fiktionalen Kontext kreativ umzusetzen.


iStudies FILM Productions…


Dietrich Sandau
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Sven Callesen
Leiter Mittelstufe / iStudies, Economics, Politics, History, Drama/Film, GO-NG!

Sven Callesen